Reboot of Goldnode

At Goldnode we’re working hard to get the previously mentioned Reboot underway. Last weekend we were meeting up in Hamburg to fully align the new road Goldnode is going to take to be able to service its clients better and faster without having to sacrifice a lot of currently integrated functionality.


The last couple of months we’ve learned a lot about the world of masternodes, the ongoings within Goldnode and the necessities that require our service to continue. Based on this knowledge and the leaving of a team member, we’ve decided to approach things from a different angle where we would, as mentioned in our previous post, introduce a lot more automation. This means that we will focus on automatically setting up masternodes, doing daily payouts & dismantles. We believe these are the three core steps that need to be in place within a basic masternode service. These steps will allow us and our clients to act upon the ever changing market with ease and flexibility where ownership over your own coins is key.

Daily payouts

By looking at automation and the introduction of daily payouts we’ve decided to step away from ETH payouts. This means that the upcoming ETH payout round will be the last. With that said, we’re going to move all the current masternodes to the new system which will allow daily payouts to be setup and therefore you will be able to get a hold of your coins much faster and therefore giving you the control over your coins back. Weekly and monthly payouts for ETH just don’t cut it in this fast changing world and cost us a lot of time to process.


In addition to the daily payouts we will also introduce a withdrawal system on short notice. This means that your coins will be stored in a wallet owned by Goldnode. This will improve security and/or possible loss of coins and will allow you to withdrawal your coins at any moment (your rewards), to any address you would like to send your coins.

Outlines & next steps

These are the general outlines of the initial step to reboot Goldnode into a new phase. We will start with setting up full nodes automatically, after which shared nodes will follow quickly. As mentioned, we will start with migrating our current masternodes which will mean the stake has to be moved to a new wallet after which it will continue to collect rewards. This will allow us to hop onto dialy payouts for this coin immediately. We will inform when a certain coin is migrated through Discord and/or Telegram. I can already inform everybody that FGC 1 & 2 are already setup on the new system and don’t require a migration. More to come soon...


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