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Create your account and start a masternode without any technical knowledge.

Shared Managed Masternode Seats

Shared Managed Masternodes

At Goldnode you can join a shared masternode or start you own (full) masternode. Each masternode is devided into 100 seats/shares. Goldnode will manage the setup and maintenance of the Masternode.

How does it work?

1. Select your coin

First you need to decide what coin you want to pick. This is probably the most crucial part from you end. Before a coin gets listed on Goldnode, we do a quality check of the crypto/coin project. We are always looking for a long-term project that has a solid foundation regarding it’s proposition, roadmap, team and Masternode incentive.

2. Shared or Full Node

A Masternodes needs a predefined stake amount to be started. An example could be 5000 coins, so to start a full masternode you need a total of 5000 coins. This can be quite expensive for many mastrenodes and to be able to join in on the rewards we offer the possibility to join a shared. This means you can get 1 of 100 seats for 50 coins or 5 seats for 250 coins. This reduces your risk a lot.

3. Running Masternode

After you have transferred your native coins for a full or shared masternode. It will be started and listed in your Dashboard (for shared it needs to reach its cap first). From here you can withdraw your rewards to any wallet address.

4. Dismantle Masternode

If you own more than 51 seats (majority) you can at any time dismantle the masternode and withdraw all your funds. This will of course mean the masternode is killed and will not get any more rewards.

Many shares in one Masternode gets payout

Goldnode helps you with your Masternode setup, monitoring and support

We will take care of setup, maintenance and monitoring while we let you sit back and enjoy the rewards!

Five simple steps

How to get started with Masternodes Get your shared masternode The final step to get on with masternodes
Shared Masternodes by Goldnode

Goldnode offers services for splitting/sharing and managing Masternodes. Masternodes are servers that operate blockchain technology and gets rewards by doing so. Get your seat and join in on the rewards!

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