Stage 3 of the reboot: A glimpse of what's to come

It has been a while since we shared an update and this is not without reason. Behind the scenes we've been working hard on stage 3 of the reboot, which is the final stage of the reboot of Goldnode.


You're in control

In the previous post we already mentioned the emphasis on the user having control in the new dashboard. This can and will continue in stage 3 of the Goldnode reboot where we're allowing you to setup your own masternode or join a shared one. We're going to do this by making this process as easy as possible for you so that every person that can trade coins can participate in Goldnode by simply sending the necessary coins to Goldnode. 


At Goldnode we're all for transparency. That's why stage 3 is all about giving you information of where we're at in the process of setting up your masternode. You can follow the progress of the setup or leave at any time and come back later only to find out your masternode is running and is being shown in your dashboard.

Rewards & dismantling

When you've setup your masternode with Goldnode it will automatically flow into the process of being able to claim your rewards. Additionally you will be able, if you have more than 51 seats, to dismantle the node at any time. You will have your coins back in your wallet within minutes and can decide your next step.

Where are we now?

At the moment of writing this article we're at the stage where we're moving things to the right place and doing intensive testing. When the testing is done and things look positive we will move this last stage into production with at least 1 coin currently integrated in the project with more to follow soon thereafter.

If you know of any coins that you're interested in don't hesitate to inform us on Discord or Telegram. We will be happy to reach out to them.


Shared Masternodes by Goldnode

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