Stage 1 of the reboot: migration

Hi there! We're working hard to get the first steps done to reboot Goldnode into a new direction with more automation and more control for our users. This post is part of a series which will inform you about the ongoing process of moving over to the new direction of Goldnode.

The first stage: migration

The first stage will be about migration. This means that we will migrate the existing masternodes over to the new system. This also means that we will have to deactivate the current nodes, move over the coins, and boot up the masternode again. This process takes a bit of time and also requires the masternode to take a bit more time to get it's first reward on the new system. This migration is necessary to enable daily payouts and other features that will be part of the reboot of Goldnode.

We are aiming for the migration to finish at the end of this week. This means that the payouts could be delayed a little.

Withdrawal wallets

With the migration we will also introduce "withdrawal wallets" as we name them. These wallets are user-specific per masternode and will gather the incoming rewards every day. This setup will allow you to withdraw your rewards at any moment by going into your dashboard and inform us about a withdrawal request by hitting the withdrawal button that's available per masternode. You will need a wallet address (exchange or your own) for the coin to withdraw your coins. We are playing with the idea to also allow you to auto-withdraw your coins when they come in but this will be implemented at a later stage.

Part of the withdrawal wallets will be the removal of selecing a payout method. We will remove this feature to avoid any errors in our system. Adding a wallet of your own would mean it could cause errors in our withdrawal process.


Our goal is to move to a setup where the user is in control of the coins at all times. This means that features like always being able to withdraw your rewards, dismantling a masternode and selling your seats will be an integral part of the setup. The migration is necessary to achieve these steps and will help us move to the next stage.

Stay tuned, more to come soon!

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